Limitations of CashTallyOne

CashTallyOne is a windows application that finds out the value according to the user inputs. It is basically a calculator which calculates the total value of given denominations using mathematical formulas. It’s a perfect tool for indian bank cashiers who count lots of cash everyday . But like any other application even CashTallyOne has certain limitations. We can divide these limitations into two categories.

01. Limitations of the system

  • Installation issue – missing proper Dot Net framework :: This problem can be raised in some old version of Windows 7 enabled computers. If you face such issue please download the latest version of Dot Net framework and install it first. Then try to install CashTallyOne windows application. The latest versions of Windows operating systems like Windows 8 and Windows 10 are already equipped with Dot Net framework. So you should not have any installation related issue there. Click here to download latest version of Dot Net framework from official website of Microsoft. (An example image of Dot Net related issue is given below)

  • Date and Time of your computer :: If the date and time of your system is not updated, this software may not work. CashTallyOne application is made in such a way that it will not work beyond 01/01/2020 i.e 1st January 2020. So make sure that the date and time of your computer is always up to date.
  • User Accounts with Administrative privilege :: CashTallyOne application needs administrative privilege to read and write data in your hard disk. It’s a database driven software. So lots of read and write operations happen while working with CashTallyOne. That’s why the User account must be an Administrator account or at least should have administrative privilege.
The user account should have administrative privilege

02. Limitation in calculation

Each input field of respective note’s denomination can hold upto 99999999 (8-digit) maximum. Thus each calculation block can calculate maximum value of 288099997119 or Twenty eight thousand eight hundred nine crore ninety nine lakh ninety seven thousand one hundred nineteen. This software cannot calculate beyond the mentioned limit.

Maximum calculated value in each calculation block