The Paper-and-Pen theory of any organisation

Employees are the blood of any organisation. A body is live until the blood is flowing freely inside it. Similarly an organisation is successful until its employees are given freedom to complete any given task their way. The organisation should instruct its employees to do the work and should not have interest on how to do the work. If it interferes in working lives of its employees extensively, then the organisation is definitely creating obstacles in smooth blood flowing inside its soul.

Employees are the assets of an organisation. An organisation can grow exponentially if its employees are dedicated, efficient, collaborative and hard-working. On the other hand if the HR of the organisation is well managed and updated about new technologies and marketing strategies, it can trained its employees easily. The immediate effect might be invisible but the long-term effect will definitely be fruitful.

Most of the PSU Banks and other government organisations are some good examples of bad HR management and less knowledge of newer technologies and its timely adaption. Modern technologies are constantly evolving. Early adaptation of modern technology has many advantages. Heads of the organisations and their HR Management team should realise this. Old equipments and old technologies are not only effect the business of the organisation but also create tremendous mental pressure on its employees who are literally struggling to achieve their goals. Sometimes HR policies of the organisation make the situation more difficult for its employees.

As for example,

HR and IT team of many organisations have kept locked the administrative access of the working Desktops of the employees and thus have deferred them from installing any useful software that might be helpful at their task.

The duty of the organisation is to provide a good quality paper. But the employees should have the right to choose the correct pen that is best suit to write on that paper. Similarly the organisation will provide good desktops but its employees should have the freedom to choose the right tools (i.e softwares) to be used on that desktop. After all at the end of the day, it’s the employees who will have to complete the job and keep the organisation live by flowing blood freely inside its soul.