Extending validity of CashTallyOne free of cost

As we promised at the beginning of this project that the free version of Cash Tally One windows application will always remain free. We shall extend the validity of this version time to time without any extra cost. But for that you have to follow our website and our Facebook and YouTube pages regularly. With some easy steps you can extend the validity of your copy without any hassle.

CashTallyOne (Free) comes with a validity of one year. After that the application will not work. On 1st of August each year the validity of CashTallyOne (Free) expires. But you need not to worry as we publish the validity extender file every year* and before the application reaches its expiration date. You just need to follow our website, download the validity extender file and increase the validity of your copy for another one year. This process is completely free of cost and you need not to pay a single rupee for that.

So how can I extend the validity of CashTallyOne (Free ) for next one year or more?
  • First close the Cash Tally One Free application if it is running on your computer.
  • Download the Validity Extender v 1.21 file and keep it handy. The name of the downloaded file is “cstousr.db”.
  • Find the icon of Cash Tally One Free on your desktop.
  • Right click on it and select Open File Location option.
  • The file explorer will open a folder that contains all the application files related to Cash Tally One Free application. There you will find a similar file named as “cstousr.db”.
  • Now replace this file with the newly downloaded file of same name as “cstousr.db”.
  • Close the folder and double click on the desktop icon of Cash Tally One Free to launch the application. Put the default password as 1234 and start your calculation.

N.B. If you have already changed the default password before, it will be replaced with 1234. Please login with this password and then change again.